January 2, 2023

Why Izmir? Health tourism in Turkey started in Izmir

Why Izmir? “Izmir Has Been a Health Tourism and Treatment Center Throughout History”

Izmir, the city where health tourism started in Turkey, is a big health tourism city with its natural resources, cultural heritage accumulation, climate structure suitable for tourism and human resources that it has together with its hinterland.

Izmir has been a place with a high potential especially for health tourism and thermal tourism in every period from prehistoric times to the present day. In the ancient period, Pergamon-Asklepion was the leading health center of Anatolia.

Why Izmir?

Health tourism in Turkey started in Izmir

The column depicting the double snake, which is the “symbol of medicine”, is located in Izmir in Asklepion, one of the three major health centers dedicated to the God of Health of Pergamon, Asklepios.

Galenos, who is called the ancestor of pharmacology, treated his patients in the Bergama Asclepion, the famous Asclepion Health Center of the ancient period, the place where scientific studies on human health, medical interventions were carried out and became the starting point of pharmacy.

The methods of treatment, among patients with mental disorders, the priest of the doctors sedated sleep in the room dreams are inspiring the implementation of physical diseases, heat, cold, and mud baths, herbal therapy, diet, cures, massage with herbal oil or ointment, blood drawn, and if necessary therapies sun are located on surgical interventions were done.

Trained Staff and Equipped Hospitals in Izmir

Most of the universities in Izmir today the medical faculty in accredited according to the international criteria, the presence of specialist doctors in public hospitals private hospitals and health teams and specialist of any surgical intervention, and even organ transplants easily be done Izmir has a great potential in health tourism, and that is a sign that the industry is growing and evolving rapidly.

VIP Service in İzmir

Izmir’s health tourism potential has revealed its existence in every period. Some clinics and hospitals in Izmir work in connection with abroad and offer all kinds of services for the treatment, transportation and accommodation of patients brought from abroad within the scope of health tourism in a Decoupled program.

Izmir is the Thermal Holiday City of Turkey

Of the 410 thermal springs in Turkey, 123 are located in the Aegean. Exactly 59 of these thermal springs located in the Aegean are also offered to the service of domestic and foreign health tourists in Izmir.

Izmir; History, Nature, City…

Izmir is a tourist city with its ancient cities such as Ephesus, Bergama; historical villages such as Sirince, Birgi; holiday resorts such as Cesme, Alacati, Urla, and the historical Kemeraltı Bazaar located in the city center, Kordonboyu and many other places that need to be visited.

When we look at all these possibilities, it is possible to say that Izmir is one of the most prominent cities in Turkey in terms of health tourism.

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