Nostril Reduction Surgery – Alarplasty

Alarplasty, Alar Base Reduction, is a nose flap and nostril reduction or narrowing surgery. The procedure performed for the nostrils to have a natural structure on par with the other nose parts is called a nostril reduction operation.

There are two inverted “U” shaped “alar cartilages” at the tip of the nose. This cartilage is responsible for the stiffness and width of the wings of the nose. Interventions can narrow the tip of the nose on the alar cartilage.

But when the lowest section of the wings of the nose is removed by cutting the “alar base section,” the wings of the nose and nostrils narrow. With alarplasty, the skin and subcutaneous tissues are removed, and the incision area is camouflaged by bringing the decollete point between the nose and cheek to the same.

From an aesthetic point of view, an image is captured that will adapt to other parts of the nose along with the shape and size of the wings of the nose. One of the essential elements of nostril reduction surgery is to remove the excess on the wings of the nose in surgeries where the tip of the nose is reduced.

Who Prefers Nostril Reduction Aesthetics More?

Patients of African-American ethnicity complain that the structure of the nose is too wide or the nostrils are too large. Their demands are a narrower and more pronounced nose tip with rhinoplasty, smaller nostrils, a thinner nasal ridge, and a narrower nasal base.

In these patients, it may be necessary to increase the nasal tip support and narrow the tip of the nose, shrink the nostrils, thin the back of the nose, or narrow the base of the nose.

Instead of focusing on a uniform rhinoplasty for noses of African-American ethnicity, a nose-shaping surgery that reveals the natural beauty of race should be planned.

How is Nostril Reduction Aesthetics Performed?

As a result of the examination performed by the specialist doctor, it is decided how much the nostrils will be reduced. This process requires considerable experience. Nostril reduction involves the removal of tissue at strategic locations at the base of the nose to improve symmetry and narrow the nose.

Only when the nostril reduction operation is to be performed is the procedure performed with local anesthesia or intravenous sedatives. Excessively reduced nostrils can have functionally and aesthetically undesirable consequences.

Nostril Reduction Operations

When considering cosmetic improvements to the nose, attention is usually focused on the bridge and tip of the nose. Another part that profoundly affects the overall aesthetics of the nose is the nostrils.

Nasal nostril reduction or alar base reduction can be performed to provide thinning to the nose and make it more compatible with the rest of the face. Nostril reduction can be completed with nasal cosmetic or functional procedures or as an isolated procedure.

When nostril reduction is performed independently, it can be performed with minimal risk under local anesthesia in an office environment. It is important to remember that there are ethnic variations in rhinoplasty that should be considered in the nostril reduction process.

The Healing Process After Nostril Reduction Aesthetics

Bruising is not expected after nostril reduction surgery, but it is normal to have swelling, and swelling usually goes away within 1-2 weeks after surgery. Stitches are removed in 5-7 days. Then the incision site continues to heal and mature.

Complete recovery occurs between 6 months and one year after the operation. If the scar is not suitable, treatments with steroids, laser, dermabrasion or surgical revision may be required.

Things to Consider After Nostril Reduction Surgery

Sewing lines should be kept clean and protected from the sun, and stitches should be taken on time. Especially after the stitches are removed, creams should be used to support the healing of the incision marks on the skin of the nose.

In order for the process to be completed more healthily, a doctor’s check should be carried out periodically during the recovery period.

As a result, the aesthetic nostrils, through which the patient can safely return to his social life, become compatible with other parts of the nose. In addition, it allows the individual to breathe more easily.


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