Nose Tip Aesthetics – Tipplasty

Tip Rhinoplasty, Tipplasty: In nose tip surgeries, also called Minor Rhinoplasty, only the cartilage of the tip of the nose is shaped. Nose tip surgery is performed in cases where the anatomical structure of the nasal bone is standard and deformities such as asymmetry, width, and lowness are present at the tip of the nose.

Although it is usually performed for aesthetic purposes, sometimes tipplasty surgery is also performed to solve functional problems of the nose.

The tip of the nose shows different characteristics from person to person, according to age and race. The tip of the nose is the most noticeable area of the nose. Therefore, the problems that exist in this region significantly affect the appearance of individuals. The tip of the nose can be reshaped with nose tip aesthetic surgery.

These are performed under general or local anesthesia, and it is completed between 45 minutes and 1 hour. After the operation, the patient is discharged on the same day. The doctor and the proper communication with the patient are essential for success. The tip of the nose takes its final shape within six months.

Nose Tip Reduction Surgery

Nose tip reduction surgery is an aesthetic operation performed on people with a nose tip structure, which is usually referred to as a “ball nose.” In these surgeries, which are usually performed with an open technique, the cartilage tissue at the tip of the nose is intervened.

The cartilage structure is reduced harmoniously to the face, and the tip of the nose is removed. The patient, who has a more aesthetic appearance after the operation, also breathes more easily.

What Problems Is Nose Tip Aesthetics Performed For?

  • Wide-tipped nose
  • Excessively pointed nose tip
  • Miscarriage at the tip of the nose
  • Asymmetry in the nostrils
  • Narrowing of the wings of the nose

Nose tip surgery will be performed if there is another problem in the bone and cartilage structure of the nose; surgery should be performed by addressing these problems together.

Non-Surgical Nose Tip Aesthetics

This aesthetic intervention, which is performed in people who do not have problems with nasal function and nasal bone structure, is not a surgical operation. The tip of the nose is removed by filling the tip of the nose. Thus, the nose tip miscarriage is eliminated.

Pain is not felt during and after this aesthetic procedure, performed standing and without anesthesia, and swelling and bruising do not occur afterward. The aesthetic intervention lasts about 10-15 minutes and retains its effect for two years. Immediately after the procedure, the person can continue their daily life without problems.

Those who are satisfied with the new appearance of their nose can make their new appearance permanent with the nose tip aesthetic operation in the subsequent process. Although this procedure is for aesthetic purposes, it also relieves some people’s breathing.

Nose Tip Aesthetics – What is the Advantage of Tipplasty?

Since only the nose tip aesthetics are applied, and the bone is not interfered with, significant swelling and bruising do not occur after this operation. Nevertheless, the return to everyday life appears on average in 7 days, like other nose surgeries.

Çoğu kişinin burun ucu estetiği hakkında yanlış bilgiye sahip olması en önemli dezavantaj denilebilir. Aslında burun yapısı tipplasti için uygun olan kişi sayısı oldukça azdır.

Genelde kişiler burun kemiği müdahalelerinden korktuğu için tipplasti ameliyatı istemektedir. Oysa piezo rinoplasti gibi güncel tekniklerle, burun kemiği şekillendirmeleri hassas bir şekilde yapılabilir. Piezo rinoplasti ile yapılan rinoplasti ameliyatları sonrasında genellikle ağrı oluşmamaktadır.

Nose Tip Aesthetics – Is There a Disadvantage of Tipplasty?

The most critical disadvantage is that most people have incorrect information about nose tip aesthetics. The number of people whose nose structure is suitable for tipplasty is relatively small.

In general, people want tipplasty surgery because they are afraid of nasal bone interventions. However, with current techniques such as piezo rhinoplasty, nasal bone shaping can be done precisely. There is usually no pain after rhinoplasty operations performed with piezo rhinoplasty.

What Is Your Recommendation for Patients Who Want Nose Tip Aesthetics?

Whether the nasal structures are suitable for tipplasty or not should be evaluated by a specialist physician.

What Are the Things to Be Considered After Nose Tip Aesthetics?

The patients should avoid activities in which they may get a blow to the nose. For the first few weeks, they should not go into the pool or the sea and should not sunbathe or use a solarium. Patients who have had nose tip aesthetics should remember that they should follow their doctor’s recommendations.


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