Aesthetic nose surgery is basically performed with an open and closed approach. However, these approaches are implemented with many different techniques described. This has resulted in many different namings. This may cause confusion for patients. Since each technique has its own pros and cons, it is important to choose the appropriate technique for the person’s nose and face structure. For this reason, I decide on the technique I will choose together with my patients.

Although there are slight differences from person to person, the bruising around the eyes and swelling on your face will be gone after 1 week after rhinoplasty.

You can return to your desk office work in 7-10 days. It is possible to return to work that requires physical activity after 2 weeks.

According to the facial development of the person, rhinoplasty surgery can be applied before the age of 18. My personal suggestion is that it is appropriate to complete the age of 16 for women and 17 for men. Although there is no upper age limit, I think it would be appropriate to plan it before the age of 50.

The price of rhinoplasty varies according to the physician performing the surgery and the hospital where the surgery will be performed. In addition to the experience of the physician, the current nose structure, the scope of the procedures to be performed and the technological equipment used are also decisive. The price of rhinoplasty becomes clear as a result of the interview and examination; However, you can get preliminary information by calling our clinic.

You can start light exercises after 7-10 days. You can return to heavy sports activities after 1 month.

It is not appropriate to use glasses for 6-8 weeks, as it will adversely affect the healing period of the nasal ridge and bone structure. However, light glasses can be used for short periods of time if needed.

Prop up the tip of the nose is one of the important stages of this surgery. At the end of the recovery period of a successful surgery, the tip of the nose can go down by 2 mm, so the level of nasal tip lift should be determined considering this situation.

In the first week, swelling and bruises under the eyes will pass. The edematous state of the nose regresses in about 1 month. After 1 month, someone who has just met you will not notice that you have had surgery. Between 3-6 months, the swelling is largely gone. Although it varies from person to person, the nose will take its final shape after an average of 1 year.

You can go on a land trip one day after the operation, provided that it is not long. Air travel may also be possible after intranasal silicones are removed (2-3 days at the earliest).

1 week is enough to complete the first checks and be ready for the return trip.

Rhinoplasty is an operation that takes an average of 2.5 hours. The duration varies according to the nose structure.

We do not expect any significant pain after rhinoplasty. There may be pain/ache that can be controlled with simple painkillers for 1-2 days.