Hi, my dear patients!

I am Otolaryngologist Op. Dr. Mehmet Durmuşoğlu.


I was born in 1983. I have been a dedicated and hardworking student throughout my educational life. I graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 2001. I completed my specialization at Izmir Dokuz Eylul University, Department of Otolaryngology.

In my 15 years of professional life, I have performed more than a thousand operations in public and private sector hospitals. Since 2019, I have served my precious patients in my private clinic.

Due to my particular interest in photography and my passion for visual arts, I preferred to focus on the field of Facial Plastic Surgery. The central part of my experience in my specialty is rhinoplasty surgeries. In this context, I perform Revision Rhinoplasty, Nose Tip Aesthetics, Septum Deviation (Nasal Curvature), Turbinate Surgery, Nostril Reduction, and Male Rhinoplasty operations, especially Ultrasonic (Piezo) Rhinoplasty.

Besides these surgical procedures, I also perform non-surgical facial aesthetic applications, such as Fillers (Lip – Cheek – Temporal – under-eye Sparkle – Chin filler), skin rejuvenation, DNA Radiance, and Mesotherapy (youth injection).

As an ENT Specialist, I diagnose and treat Vertigo, Otitis Media, Sinusitis, Snoring and Sleep Apnea, Allergic Rhinitis, Sudden Hearing Loss, Hearing Loss Due to Aging (presbycusis), Nasal Flesh and Tonsil problems.

The biggest motivation in my business life is to be able to put a smile on the faces of my patients. I wish you a beautiful day and to be able to come together with decency…


  • Ege Sante Medical Center, Izmir, Turkey August 2018
  • Sada Medical Center, Izmir, Turkey 2017 — 2018
  • Çiğli Regional State Hospital, Izmir, Turkey 2016 — 2017
  • Dinar State Hospital, Afyonkarahisar, Turkey 2014 -2016


  • Dokuz September University Faculty of Medicine Department of ENT: 2008 – 2014
  • Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine: 2001 – 2007

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  • Turkish Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Board (since 29.11.2014)
  • Facial Plastic Surgery, Turkish ENT & HNS Association, 2017
  • Rhinology & Rhinoplasty, Turkish ENT & HNS Association, 2016

My Membership

  • Facial Plastic Surgery Association (since 12.11.2014)

Foreign language

  • English