October 27, 2023

What Should Be Taken Into Consideration After Nose Surgery?

Although nose surgery has been performed more recently due to aesthetic concerns, the number of operations performed for nose and body health has not increased at all not less. We want to take a closer look at what needs to be taken into consideration after nose surgery

With rhinoplasty, you can achieve a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing appearance that is compatible with your face. In this type of surgery the main goal is to obtain the desired shape while preserving the basic functions of the nose.

In nose surgery, it is of great importance that the patient completely trusts his doctor and decides together on the procedure to be performed it does. If the patient needs it, many other procedures can be performed during rhinoplasty surgery.

Things to consider after nose surgery include the type of operation, the patient’s health condition and the doctor’s advice. May vary depending on your recommendations.

Be Sure To Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

You should strictly follow your doctor’s recommendations in the postoperative period. You should take your medications on time and check them. You should attend your appointments and contact your doctor immediately with any questions or concerns.

Get Plenty of Rest and Keep Your Head Up

It is very important that you get enough rest after surgery. Rest can speed up your recovery process. while resting. Keeping your head elevated can help reduce swelling and bruising. Extra pillows to keep your head elevated you can use.

Don’t Neglect Wound Care and Medications

Pay attention to the care of the wound on your nose after surgery. Clean and clean the wound as recommended by your doctor. Make the dressing. Use the medications prescribed by your doctor regularly. Painkillers, antibiotics and other medications. It may help you relax after surgery

Pay Attention to Your Nutrition, Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

It may be easier to eat soft foods in the postoperative period. Avoid hard or spicy foods because these types of foods can damage the sensitive area of your nose. Smoking and consuming alcohol negatively affect the healing process may affect. Avoid these items if possible.

Avoid Physical Activities

Avoid strenuous physical activities unless your doctor allows it. Heavy lifting in the postoperative period. Avoid exercising and being too active.

Do Breathing Exercises

You can improve your breathing by regularly doing the breathing exercises recommended by your doctor. Operation bruising and swelling are normal in the postoperative period. These will decrease over time be patient.

Avoid Make-up and Glasses

Avoid wearing make-up and glasses as long as your doctor allows. Make-up products, content since it contains chemicals and harmful components, it may cause the wound to become infected or delay the healing process of the wound. Why could it be.

Someone who wears glasses is probably unaware of their weight or is used to gentle pressure on the bridge of their nose. But this gentle pressure can make a big difference in the healing process after surgery. Many patients are sensitive after the rhinoplasty procedure. It has bones and these bones and tissues must be kept fixed in a certain position during the healing process. Nose of glasses the pressure it creates on the bridge can cause small shifts that can have permanent consequences.

Being careful in the postoperative period and following your doctor’s recommendations will speed up your recovery process and will prevent complications. If you experience any problems or complications after surgery, contact your doctor immediately. You should contact us.