June 1, 2023

New Approaches in Rhinoplasty and Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, also known as the nose job, is a surgical procedure to change the shape and size of the nose. People with respiratory problems due to nose structure and unsatisfied with their nose shape prefer rhinoplasty surgeries.

As a result of technological developments, many innovative approaches and technological applications are used in rhinoplasty surgeries. Here are some technological applications used in rhinoplasty:

Piezo-electric Surgery

Piezo surgery is a technological method used to cut bones in rhinoplasty. This method helps surgeons operate more precisely, producing less vibration and noise. In this way, the healing process can be faster and painless.,

Endoscopic Approach

The endoscopic approach refers to the surgical procedure performed through the nose in the rhinoplasty procedure. Thanks to this method, less damage occurs, and the healing process is shorter. The endoscopic approach is frequently used in rhinoplasty surgeries.

3D Vectra – Virtual Reality

3D Vectra simulates the patient’s nose structure before the rhinoplasty procedure. This way, the patient can better understand ​​how the nose will look after the operation. In addition, surgeons can do better planning before the procedure.

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is another technological application used in the rhinoplasty procedure. This method allows the shaping of the nasal bones using ultrasonic energy. This way, less damage occurs, and the healing process can take shorter.

With the development of technology, rhinoplasty can be performed with more natural results and less pain. The ultrasonic Rhinoplasty technique, which reduces edema and bruising after surgery and shortens the healing process, is one of the most preferred methods among innovative aesthetic nose surgeries.

Classic Nose Surgery

The nose structure comprises two main structures: the bone roof and the cartilage roof. In a classical rhinoplasty operation, hand tools such as a rasp and hammer are used when it is necessary to operate on the bony roof of the nose. In the same way, scissors are used when intervening in the cartilage section. Cracking operations with rasp and hammer can sometimes cause breakage in undesirable areas.

Technological Advantage in Nose Aesthetics: Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

The ultrasonic rhinoplasty technique used in rhinoplasty offers significant advantages to both the patient and the physician. With ultrasonic piezoelectric technology in rhinoplasty operations, all bone fracture procedures are prevented from occurring by making controlled, sensitive, gentle, precise, and clean incisions in the bone.

Faster Healing with Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

The ultrasonic rhinoplasty method also contributes positively to the postoperative recovery period by reducing the formation of edema, swelling, and bruising in the postoperative period. At Mehmet Durmuşoğlu Clinic, we define the method “Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty” and apply it with a piezoelectric device, also known as micrometric rhinoplasty.

Piezoelectric is an ultrasonic surgical system consisting of heads and associated tips for cutting bone structures in rhinoplasty. It is used for drilling, shaping, and straightening bones in various surgical procedures.

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty allows precise, gentle incisions to be made by simply touching the bone without applying any pressure on the micron-thickness rhinoplasty operation.

The ultrasonic rhinoplasty method with a piezoelectric device provides excellent patient and physician advantages. Piezoelectric technology will be used more frequently in rhinoplasty operations, being much more sensitive, less traumatic, and more respectful to the tissues.

Other Advantages of Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

  • Reduces traumatic procedure results,
  • Provides very little bleeding,
  • It does not harm the soft tissue and intranasal mucosa,
  • With much thinner incisions, the desired shapes can be given to the bone,
  • It provides less swelling and bruises after surgery,
  • It allows a more precise, precise, thin, elegant, and tissue-friendly surgery,
  • Extremely precise and precise in the nasal bones, it allows incisions in any direction and angle,
  • Since it can only be cut on bone and hard surfaces, it does not harm the soft tissues in the nose.

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty technique is one of the most preferred methods among innovative approaches in aesthetic nose surgeries, which reduces edema and bruising after surgery and shortens the healing process.

At Mehmet Durmuşoğlu Clinic, we closely follow the developments in medical technology and apply new approaches and methods in our surgeries. We perform rhinoplasty surgeries with personalized, more natural results and less pain. Contact us for a personalized, natural look and accurate results.