December 28, 2023

Dr. Mehmet Durmuşoğlu Reviews

Fatma Oguz

He is the doctor I decided on for my nose surgery after much research. Thank you very much Mr. Mehmet, it has been 7 years and my nose is getting more beautiful day by day. Every time I called, he answered my questions selflessly and made me feel at ease, thank you for everything.

Gülsine Öktem

I have seen many doctors in different fields, but I wouldn’t trade Mehmet Durmuşoğlu’s care, concern and kindness for anything. I was incredibly worried about aesthetics, but I am very pleased with the procedures I had performed by him.

I recommend it to everyone around me, my wife and my friends, and I have not received any negative feedback even once, and even some of my friends said that they liked it very much and wanted to work in their office 🙂 I’m glad I have him. Meet and talk, make an appointment, you will see for yourself what I mean. It is safely recommended.


My mother once performed eardrum surgery. Even though he has achieved great success mainly in rhinoplasty, we still do not trust anyone other than him when it comes to ears.

I think he performed control examinations 5-6 times without charging any extra fee, based on the one-time examination fee we paid him, and I would like to express my gratitude to him for his meticulousness and interest. As you know, mothers are precious, and it hurts our hearts when they hurt. Thank you, long live my teacher…


I reached Mr. Mehmet through an acquaintance of mine. I had trouble breathing and I wasn’t very happy with the shape of my nose. My doctor examined every detail from the beginning of my treatment and answered and resolved my problems regardless of the hour.

Thanks to you, I overcame my fears. He is definitely a person of great character. He was very friendly and smiling, made me feel like he was one of my family. This made many things easier. I tell and recommend my doctor to everyone around me.


The curvature of my nose and the breathing problem I was experiencing were starting to bother me a lot. At the same time, I wanted to get rid of the hump on my nose, but I was afraid of having surgery. My biggest fear was to encounter an unnatural-looking, excessively upturned nose after the surgery. Then I met my dear doctor, Mr. Mehmet. His realistic approach and energy are very nice.

His detailed information made me very comfortable. With such a sincere and trusting team, we got rid of my fears and decided to have surgery. My surgery took place on June 19th and I am now in my second week. Even on the first day, I liked the way my nose looked so much that I was sure that the right person was Mr. Mehmet.

I had no pain, the bruise was mild and disappeared in two days. Everyone liked my new look very much. They never made me feel alone during my post-operative period. I am very happy to have met such a professional and caring team. I would like to thank each and every one of them and strongly recommend them to everyone.


I visited Mr. Mehmet for nose surgery with tons of questions and fears in my mind. He is a wonderful doctor who listens carefully to every question you ask, answers it in detail, shares all possible situations with his patient, is extremely humanist and has zero ego. Both his team and himself are extremely friendly and warm-hearted.

A doctor who will never leave his patient alone after the surgery (which is the most important point) and will take serious care of him. You can hear the same thing from his patients who have undergone surgery. I advise everyone who is considering surgery to go and see him once, they will understand what I mean when they go.

If I’m lucky, we’ll see each other again next month as I’m about to start another treatment. I hope I’ll share what happened after the surgery here. May you always have success, teacher Mehmet. I believe that all your patients will leave you with a smile and a happy face.


I made the right choice for my nose surgery, which I had been postponing for years. I was very satisfied in terms of aesthetics and health. I would like to thank my doctor very much for his caring and professional approach in the planning, surgery and controls during the one-year period. I can easily recommend Mr. Mehmet to anyone considering surgery.

Sara B.

I am more than satisfied of the results and the experience I had with Dr. Mehmet. I had my nose redone in November 2022, flew in from Canada. I can only speak highly of his work. He is a perfectionist and very meticulous. My nose looks a thousand times better than I imagined. Mine took care of the logistics from A to Z. 

It has been 6 months since my surgery and my nose looks better everyday. Many people could not tell I had a rhinoplasty as it looks very natural. All I can say is this doctor knows what he is doing. I wish you all the best and success in your career because you deserve it, you have great work ethics and we respect that. I recommend 1000% 

Kelly Moran

I came from Canada to Dr. mehmet’s clinic and it was the greatest experience ever. I had no pain or bruising. His package included hotel, surgery, medication and driver to all my appointments. Everyone was so kind. It’s been 3 weeks since my surgery and I am healing well. My swelling has gone down. 

Dr. mehmet fixed my side profile from my nose which I have wanted to fix for years. Mine was amazing and she came with me to all my appointments and suggested really nice places to go eat to and swim to. Thank you so much to the whole team. I can’t wait to see how my nose heals next month. You were all amazing. Xoxo

Meryem Korkmaz

After a lot of research, I found my doctor. The appointment was made relatively quickly. I received a very friendly welcome at the appointment and felt very comfortable because the doctor was taking care of me. In the end I decided to have the operation and I don’t regret it.

They were always ready to help and answer my questions 24/7, this gave me peace of mind. After 1 year I can say that the result is more beautiful than expected and I am very satisfied and happy. My friends and the people around me also like the result.

I was also spoken to very often. I continue to go to check-ups regularly and we have a great bond with each other. Always my pleasure!


Two weeks after my operation, I am satisfied with the results. My operation was quite corrective so my nose is now naturally beautiful. I can see a little bit of swelling on my nose tip, but with time it’s getting better. The whole process with Yasemine (dr’s coordinator) and with the Dr himself was easy and stress-free. Highly recommended.

Nicole A. Romero

I had a lovely experience with my surgery. Dr.Mehmet felt trustworthy, competent and made me feel safe with my decision so I flew from Sweden to Turkey for the UltraSonic Rhinoplasty. The team was very nice, especially Yasemin who is a gem, answered all my questions, picked me up at the airport, took me to medical appointments and made sure I had everything I needed. The whole experience was good and recovery was smoother than I expected. It was totally worth it and I’m very happy!


My experience was amazing. I travelled from Canada to Turkey and everything went really smoothly. Ms. mine met me at the airport with a driver and was so kind. The hotel I stayed in was very beautiful and was right on the sea side. The surgery went well and the recovery was painless. I was swollen but I did not have any pain and did not get any black eyes. Dr. Mehmet did exactly what I wanted and made my side profile so beautiful. Thank you to the whole team for everything!


Had my surgery 6 months ago, happy with the results exactly and I wanted the best decision that I have made. I’m a super sensitive person and was scared but they looked after me very well. 4 days after my surgery I wasn’t feeling well but they immediately brought me to the hospital and gave me drips and anti-sickness treatment to restore my health, after 8 days I was fit and healthy and flew back to London, with no complications and good healing. Dr Mehmet Durmusoglu is a professional, caring and talented surgeon. Thank you to him and his team.


I travelled from England to Izmir all alone and was taken care of by Dr. Mehmet’s staff as soon as I had landed. Everyone was incredibly kind, and Dr. Mehmet really is great at what he does. At the consultation, he effortlessly responded to all of my inquiries and immediately informed me of what was and was not possible. After my surgery, I had another appointment with Dr. Mehmet, and he thoroughly went into detail about the aftercare. Dr. Mehmet gave me a wonderful explanation of where the swelling will subside and what was expected of my nose shape once it has completely healed from the swelling.

Mine (the assistant) was with me from day 1 to the last day. She’s the most sweetest person ever! Before the operation, she would message me daily to check up on me as I was alone. Even after the operation, she was there before I had even woken up to see how I was doing and to make sure everything was okay. It truly felt like having an older sister with me the whole time which made this whole process way more fun and carefree. I would honestly just go back to Izmir to hang out with her.

There was no pain after the surgery and the aftercare was very simple that it was a complete breeze. It has been 4 months since my surgery and my nose looks amazing. I’m over the moon with my results and absolutely adore my nose! Many people could not tell that I had a rhinoplasty since it appears so natural.


I m writing from Italy, I went to turkey for rhinoplasty. Choose dr Mehmet based on the instagram reviews ( he has an amazing page with amazing videos and pictures of his works) and fell in love with his noses. He is young, talented and a very good looking guy! You are going to be amazed and feel good around him and his team. I must say : I got very lucky. I had to choose between many doctors and I went to him. 

My nose is beautiful, my life changed. The best experience of my life. I got picked up in the middle of the night from his driver, and the assistant MINE was there for me ALWAYS. She also came out of her working hours to bring me a breast milk pump cause my breast was hurting cause of no breast feeding. 

She was there for me when I was alone doing this experience, big, beautiful experience but also hard. You are very nervous about this surgery and specially not knowing your doctor isn’t in the same country as you is scary, and I was scared. But In the end it was worth it. Look at my pictures!

Go to him. Give him this money! He deserves them! I love you guys !