January 20, 2023

Why Turkey? Medical Tourism Destination in Turkey

Why Izmir? Medical Tourism Destination in Turkey

Turkey, plastic surgery, eye surgery, obesity and metabolic surgery, organ transplantation and oncologic treatments, and expert staff are trained in, the sheer number of accredited hospitals, Reasonable Prices, quality service, and the historical, cultural features leading medical tourism destination.

Izmir and Turkey are a natural center of attraction in health tourism for European countries and the world at large. In this context, the health sector has become a rapidly developing sector with 700,000 people visiting Turkey last year. Turkey ranks first among the preferences of many people with Decency, quality, short waiting time and ultimate opportunities.

Medical Tourism Destination in Turkey

Turkey offers better quality treatment at a lower cost compared to Europe, the USA and other western countries. Some surgeries are almost 90 percent cheaper compared to other countries.

However, there is world-class infrastructure and health facilities in Turkey. In addition, Turkey offers the opportunity to combine the best health service, historical and natural beauties, cultural diversity with an extraordinary holiday.

The presence of qualified doctors who are experts in many fields and speak foreign languages; accommodation and vacation opportunities offered to patients and their relatives are the most important factors in choosing Turkey in the field of health.

What are the Advantages of Choosing Turkey for Treatment within the Scope of Health Tourism?

The reasons why international patients prefer Turkey for treatment;

  • Lack of a waiting list for treatment
  • Have staff who speak fluent English
  • The fact that it can be easily combined with a vacation / business trip
  • Having internationally accredited medical facilities using the latest technologies
  • Having highly qualified Doctors/Surgeons and hospital support staff
  • Significant cost savings compared to domestic private health services
  • Having a private room, translator, special staff who support you during your stay
  • The fact that medical treatment costs are at least 60-80% lower compared to their counterparts in North America and the UK are listed as the biggest advantages and reasons.

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