April 15, 2023

Rhinoplasty Without Altering Ethnic Facial Characteristics

Rhinoplasty Without Altering Ethnic Facial CharacteristicsIt is Possible to Achieve an Aesthetic Nose Without Breaking Away From Our Ethnic Facial Characteristics.

One of the most striking areas on the face is undoubtedly the nose. When everyone looks in the mirror, they want to see an aesthetic nose that is in harmony with their face, suitable for general perceptions of beauty.

Our patients often come to our clinic dreaming of having a small, upturned, and shapely nose for themselves. However, the nose that is desired to be done by seeing it from a photograph or someone else may have a different effect on everyone’s face because physical characteristics specific to ethnic identity come into play. However, the uniform appearance demanded by the general perception of beauty will not be natural. It will not be aesthetically appropriate for the physical structure of the person brought by genetics.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

The most significant advantage of ethnic rhinoplasty is that it provides a natural aesthetic appearance without harming the ethnic physical characteristics of the person. Well, “What is Ethnic Rhinoplasty or Ethnic Nose Aesthetics?“. Continuing our article, we will answer questions about ethnic rhinoplasty surgery or ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey.

What is ethnic rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty or ethnic nose job is the removal of functional and aesthetic defects in the nose without disturbing the physical structure that is genetically present and identified with that culture. As in all rhinoplasties, our priority in ethnic rhinoplasty is to preserve naturalness and minimize risk factors.

Within each ethnic group, there is a wide variety of physical features and ethnicity-appropriate face shapes. However, some nasal deformities or clinical findings cause respiratory problems that suggest rhinoplasty to patients.

  • Wide, Narrow, or Hump Bridge: A condition where the bridge of the nose is disproportionately wide, narrow, or bumpy.
  • Respiratory Problems: Structural problems such as a droopy nose tip or a deviated septum make breathing difficult.
  • Flat or Wide Tip: It is the situation where the inner cartilages that make up the outer appearance of the tip are too far from each other. This structure can lead to the formation of a broad nose tip.

As Mehmet Durmuşoğlu Clinic, we safely perform ethnic rhinoplasty surgeries in Turkey with our expertise.

What are the common nose characteristics and rhinoplasty procedures by ethnicity?

African-American Rhinoplasty

The African-American nose type tends to form weak internal structures combined with thick skin and a wide or flat-looking nose tip that is not prominent. The common complaint of patients of African-American ethnicity is that they have very wide nasal structures or large nostrils.

African-American patients request rhinoplasty, demanding a narrower, more prominent nasal tip, smaller nostrils, a thinner ridge, and a narrower nose. Augmentation or projection procedures can usually be performed with African-American nose-type rhinoplasty.

“Rearranging the cartilage and making subtle changes in the angles of the nose and in certain areas is called augmentation (rearrangement).”

“Adding the cartilage taken from the septum or ribs of the patient to specific points of the nose and clarifying the physical size of the nose is called projection.”

Asian Rhinoplasty

Each ethnic group has its unique facial features. Asian rhinoplasty is generally suitable for people of Asian or South Asian descent. At Mehmet Durmuşoğlu Clinic, Asian nose surgeries are performed without disturbing the ethnic characteristics of the Asian nose. The wide and flat appearance of both the bridge and the tip of the nose with thick skin is one of the general characteristics of the Asian nose type.

By increasing the protrusion of the nose with augmentation and projection procedures in Asian rhinoplasty, we can create a more proportional appearance with a slight slope from the forehead to the tip of the nose instead of a straight bridge and straight tip. Increasing the nasal tip projection in line with the common aesthetic goals of Asian patients is also applied in our clinic.

Middle Eastern and Caucasian Rhinoplasty

Because the patients in the Middle Eastern and Caucasian ethnic groups generally have less nasal tip support, the nasal tip is drooping, wide, and less prominent. The skin is usually thick, the dorsum of the nose is arched, the base of the nose is wide, and the nostrils may be asymmetrical. However, deviation of the septum may also make breathing difficult in individuals from the Gulf Region of the Middle East and in Caucasian patients.

Thanks to Middle Eastern and Caucasian rhinoplasty, the nose can be clarified by increasing the support of the nose tip, narrowing the nose tip if it is wide, correcting the nasal arch, narrowing the base of the nose, and making the nostrils look more symmetrical.

As Mehmet Durmuşoğlu Clinic, we are ready to help our patients of Middle Eastern and Caucasian origin achieve the aesthetic appearance of their dreams without harming their ethnic and physical characteristics.

Latino Rhinoplasty

Similar to individuals of Caucasian ethnicity, Latino patients also have various ethnic nose characteristics. While Spaniards have a thinner skin structure, the skin type is thick, especially in Mestizo patients of European and Native American origin.

Most Hispanic patients have a wide bridge, a rounded nasal tip, wide nostrils, and recessed nasal wings, which can cause the nose to appear flat.

In rhinoplasty to be performed for patients of Latino ethnic origin, a more proportional appearance can be obtained by intervening on the back of the nose. The nose tip position of the patients can be made clear. Along with these, some patients’ nose wings can be improved.

Latino patients with Hispanic nose structure can reach our clinic with peace of mind and get the aesthetic nose they want.

Who Can Have Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery?

  • Those with wide nostrils
  • Those with low, disproportionate, or excessively raised nose tips,
  • Those who have a very small, very large, or flat nose,
  • Those who have a disproportionate nose that is incompatible with the chin and forehead structure,
  • Having trouble with their nose, African-American, Asian, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, and Latino patients can have ethnic rhinoplasty.

Who Cannot Have Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery?

  • Children who have not completed their nose development,
  • Those whose general health condition is unsuitable for surgery cannot have ethnic rhinoplasty.

Healing Process After Ethnic Rhinoplasty

The recovery process after ethnic rhinoplasty may vary from patient to patient or according to the procedure performed. Complications that are likely to be seen in every rhinoplasty surgery can also be seen in ethnic rhinoplasty.

Some bruising or swelling of the face is normal. Patients can usually return to their daily lives within 1-2 weeks. In this process, it is essential to follow your doctor’s warnings carefully as it accelerates your recovery.

After ethnic rhinoplasty surgery, the face is made more symmetrical, and all facial features of the patient are redefined by sticking to the original. Thus, the patient’s self-confidence is restored, and his motivation is increased. The aesthetic problems of the nose, structural defects in the cartilage, and respiratory problems are eliminated with ethnic rhinoplasty.

Your facial features represent your cultural heritage. Therefore, before ethnic nose rhinoplasty, you must set your goals well and have realistic expectations. You will achieve a natural look by preserving your self-identity while achieving the look of your dreams.

You can be sure that Mehmet Durmusoglu Clinic will be with you in all these processes and work meticulously to help you achieve the desired look and leave Turkey happily.

What is the Price of Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Since ethnic rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey will vary from patient to patient or according to the procedure performed, you can call our clinic in Izmir and get personalized information about the price of ethnic rhinoplasty and the procedures you want to have.

Your ethnic identity may be your cultural heritage, but an aesthetically upsetting image is never your destiny. Call us now to say hello to a happier tomorrow by making peace with your face in the mirror!

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